Lunch Box Recipe in Tamil No. 5 | Vegetable Sandwich and Mini Idli | Lunch box ideas in Tamil

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In this video we are continuing our Lunch box recipe series with the quick and easy vegetable sandwich and mini idli recipes. This bread sandwich is loaded with lot of veggies and a perfect sandwich starts with a crispy outer bread layer. We don't want the bread to get soggy and so cook the vegetables well enough to get rid of the moisture. Also when cooking the sandwich use a heavy object to press on the sandwich while it is being cooked. This compresses the vegetable layer in the sandwich and also makes the bread crispy. I have also added some corn to the lunch box, this adds a colorful component to the meal and offers a contrasting taste and texture in the meal. Also add a serving of fruit along with the meal.

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Friends, please do try this lunch box recipe at home. Adding a variety of foods as portions of the meal helps in balancing the diet and also keeps us excited about the food. Please do share your feedback about the recipe in the comments below. All the best and happy cooking !

The lunch box used in this video is a large bento box. The exact product link is

For detailed vegetable sandwich recipe with the list of ingredients please visit
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