Overwatch - Sigma's Ultimate in ALL Languages!

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Here is Sigma's Ultimate (Gravitic Flux) in all available languages! Sigma is a brand new Tank Hero who is available right now in Overwatch!

His Ultimate is amazing and the various actors did a great job. Which Sigma Ultimate is your favorite? Timestamps are below!

00:06 - Dutch (English Version)
00:20 - French
00:35 - German
00:49 - Russian
01:03 - Italian
01:17 - Polish
01:31 - Portuguese (Brazil, I mistakenly used the Portugal flag)
01:44 - Korean
01:59 - Japanese
02:13 - Spanish (Europe)
02:28 - Spanish (America)
02:42 - Traditional Chinese
02:54 - Simplified Chinese

Sigma is an Astrophysicist from the Netherlands who went insane after doing some experiments and gaining power over gravity. He is now being manipulated by Talon!

He's a really fun Tank character who has plenty of cool Gravity themed abilities, the ability to suck up attacks, a shield that can be placed mid-air and much more! His Ultimate is also incredibly fun and looks amazing!

Sigma's Piano Theme Cover used at the start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jooIOUAV1Aw&t=7s

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