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its like pandora but hopefully you can shove pocket back in.
[hell park based] [ https://hellpark.tumblr.com/ ] not really a part of the blog but i'd love to see if i can't have it happen some day. there is too much going on here to explain exactly what is going on but you can have your theories if you wish

if you're confused about who is who i don't blame you. i'll give you pointers for the people who have not shown up in hell park yet--

Pocket, from the episode Pip (Season 4 episode 14) is the one who is let out of the chest.
Estella, from the episode Pip (Season 4 episode 14) is the other one accompanying Gregory at the beginning.
Gary, Michael, Rebecca, and Red are all angels.
Wendy is the 5th angel that soars down from the skies.

and just in case it isn't clear damien is the one with the stupid glasses on get fucked damien

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