Anthony Bourdain Ghost Box Sessions. HE SPEAKS through the SoulSpeaker. Hear it.

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As always, done out of respect, love and care. I have been doing this for eight years and have done sessions for Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Prince, Hugh Hefner and others. Using my technology and connection to reach into the other side, and let spirits have a voice. To not give them a voice would be disrespectful as I understand them, and that they want to have a voice.

I do this research, and have, all for the good, the love and the fact that our soul never dies. I have hundreds of videos on my channel here, and have proven, without a shadow of a doubt that our soul never dies.

Enjoy this video, and watch it in its entirety as it has some very important messaging. Love to all, and remember, love is the key.

Thumbs up and subscribe if you enjoy my afterlife research and yes, always has been and always will be 100% real.

Since pouring my heart and soul into this research eight years ago I have learned how spirits speak, what they need to speak and how to build trust and a solid connection to the other side. They now speak to me freely, and I Have a team on the other side who helps. Again, all documented in eight years of research. Feel free to share my work.

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