5 Tips To Get Your Pads Right!

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In this tutorial, I go over 5 tips to get your pads right. The first tip revolves around proper note selection with your pad. If your notes are bunched up and not opened voiced, this can make your pad sound muddy due to overlapping frequencies. Open voicing will help to spread out the frequencies, so you don't get too much frequency response in one section.

The 2nd tip will revolve around using MID/SIDE EQ to allow your arp/lead to have its own space. Using MID/SIDE EQ, we can cut down in the center signal where our lead or arp will sit and make room for it.

The 3rd tip will talk about what to do if you don't want to open voice your pads. In this scenario, we cut down on the frequencies that have too much information causing this resonating vibe that you may not want.

The 4th tip will involve using Ozone Imager to spread out our frequencies to give them their own space. Usually, the lower frequencies will be more mono, and the higher frequencies will ahve more stereo information.

Finally, we go over compressing a pad utilizing a very mellow compression just to deal with some pads that have too much dynamic movement.
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