Musicians Kicked Out Of Bands Right After Making It Big

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It can't be fun being kicked out of a band just before they hit the big time, but it's even worse to be booted after they finally find fame and fortune. It's the ultimate nightmare for artists — but, unfortunately, it does happen. Just ask these guys.

Dave Abbruzzese was Pearl Jam's drummer through the release of Ten, which has since gone platinum 13 times, and Vs., which set a brief record for the most sales of an album in its debut week. After the band's third album Vitalogy was recorded, however, Abbruzzese left the group. The band suggested the split was mutual and had come about because Abbruzzese wished to play and study music elsewhere.

But it soon became clear that Abbruzzese had been fired by the band. Shortly after his departure, he said:

"For reasons that I don't completely understand, the other members decided it was necessary to fire me in order to pursue a philosophy which they perceive as incompatible with mine."

The band's manager soon admitted this was closer to the truth — in that it actually was the truth. Pearl Jam released their third album soon after, while Abbruzzese suggested he might go on to "gather up the nest egg, climb in a mobile home and get lost in America."

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